The DELANCE “Pink Ribbon”

A radiant emblematic creation – A powerful symbol of life and harmony

Due to the fact that the subject is a serious matter for one woman among eight, DELANCE participates in the awareness of the Pink Ribbon campaign.

Especially dedicated to this cause, DELANCE created the women watch “Pink Ribbon”, deemed to be a symbol of hope, life and brilliant femininity. Being exceptionally beautiful, it is considered a constant message of self-love.
The 28 rose sapphires, adorning the “Ribbon”, give deep utterance to it, being based on the female life cycle. The number 28 connects the cyclic times: 4, moreover, the evolutionary times: 7. “This is the spiral of progression taking place among the continual cycles of nature. The advance in the midst of the cosmos’ constantly continuing oscillations.” (Dr Allendy)
Besides, this unique watch symbolizes the solidarity interconnecting women in all areas of life. In addition to that, DELANCE is going to give the “Krebsliga Schweiz” 10% of the sale arising out of the Pink Ribbon sales.
The DELANCE “Pink Ribbon” is available in gold and steel. The gold watch, including 28 rose diamantes, costs 15’800 CHF; and the steel watch, including the 28 rose sapphires, can be purchased for 4’670 CHF. Furthermore, we offer a simple version of “Pink Ribbon”, consisting of 4 pink sapphires in the south for 1’790 CHF.
And always remember, every woman has the unique possibility of choosing a personal watch, especially made for her, according to her individual wishes, considering optional amounts and colors of the diamonds.
Please let others know as well about this campaign and its necessity! In spite of the progression in science, breast cancer, as with cervical cancer, remains an impregnable scourge.

In Sisterhood,
Giselle Rufer