For a beautiful Bride

– Something Blue –

A symbol of fidelity and loyalty,
a touch of blue,
for a happy marriage.


Unmatched Wonder

In Arab, Bahiya literally means “bursting with beauty, marvelous and without peer”.
For such a woman of divine beauty, DELANCE has created a discrete, subtle and precious “Bahiya” watch.

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Like the blue of the sky

The DELANCE “Blue Ribbon” watch unites women all over the world in solidarity.
Twenty-eight blue sapphires celebrate the moon’s cycle and femininity.

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The power of perseverance

For Hillary, we have designed a DELANCE “Hillary” watch
that is both a feminine jewel and a discrete source of support intended to champion her in all personal pursuits.

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Wonderful day

To pay homage to this beautiful tradition, DELANCE has created a watch “Something blue”, set with three blue sapphires in the shape of a heart at 6 o’clock.

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The dream of Sheherazade

For the princess of the 1001 nights, DELANCE has created a “Myriade” watch.
Created by a young artist from the Jura Mountains, the gold case is enhanced by a tender dark blue dial.

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The power of ten

The DELANCE “Perfect Ten in blue” watch, decorated with ten diamonds, was created so that everyone could have the chance to say to a woman: “You are perfect, I love you the way you are”.

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– Time for Women –