Say it with a watch

– Dedicated –

Dedicated to a special occasion,
DELANCE watches contain a strong meaning,
a personal message of unconditional love.


The Power of Love

As artists we can infuse our life with love so the dream becomes a masterpiece. The sweet message of DELANCE to all lovers of the world comes from the heart of a rose. This DELANCE “Au coeur de la rose” watch with a ruby at 6 o’clock is a symbol of love and passion.

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Like a fish in water

A charming dolphin is engraved at the side of the DELANCE “Dolphin” watch. He jumps out of the water in order immediately to dive back into the glittering waves of the blue pearly face. The “Dolphin” watch supports the bearer’s love of nature and of the sea.

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The image of harmony

Dawn is a fervent adept of Feng Shui whose rules of harmony she follows with fervour and conviction. She has co-created her DELANCE “Feng Shui Dawn” watch expressing the concept in which she believes so much. The collection of stones on the case symbolises the directions, numbers and colours of the « bagua ».

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The transmission of harmony

The shape and lines of the DELANCE “Feng Shui Ocean” watch are a symbolic representation of the balance between the spiritual harmonies found in many cultures.It is for this reason this watch was chosen to be the {bagua} according to the laws of Feng Shui.

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The perfect balance

A new DELANCE creation the watch “Yin Yang” is telling the love story that united two different worlds. They got married on the 9th of April. To mark this date and surprise his beloved he has chosen a beautiful ruby placed at 9 and 4 o’clock and a delicate engraving in the form of Yin Yang symbol set with a diamond and a blue sapphire.

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I’m all women

The gems scattered in the east represent the future. 6 orange + 12 green + 18 blue + 24 whites stones recall different phases in her life : the creative little girl of six who still lives in her heart ; the 12 year old full of hope ; the idealistic young woman of 18 and the enthusiastic woman she was at 24. She is all these women and so much more.

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– Time for Women –