Mom, you’re the most beautiful!

– For a Mother –

Precious stones
recall the most beautiful hours of her life.


Freedom as an emblem

Diane had the idea to carve the case
of her Delance “Diane” watch
and to give it an aquatic reflection,
luminous yet discreet.

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Intelligence and courage

Judit is a champion. Intelligent and courageous, she knows what she wants. The mother of two children, she wishes to give them only the best, and first of all her love and her joy of life.

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Born to be Queen

The DELANCE “Catherine”
watch honor the Duchesse of Cambridge.
This delicate creation charms through its purity and simplicity.

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Already ten years

Ten diamonds set in the lower part of the timepiece symbolize their ten years of happiness together, while three diamonds set at their three children’s birth hours will always remind her of the most meaningful moments of their life.

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The Power of Love

For her 75th birthday, all of my mother’s children presented her a Delance “My Mother’s watch” watch.
The first row is set with five rubies, each at her five children’s birth hour.

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Beautiful month of May

On the first row, two diamonds represent the hour of her children’s births. On the second row, four diamonds mark the birth times of each of her grandchildren.

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– Time for Women –