The most beautiful day of her life

– Wedding –

To become a part of this dream of beauty and sincerity,
DELANCE has created a line of watches bedecked in white.


The calm of the mountains

A unique engraving characterizes this watch. Four flowers engraved on the case make us feel the spring and beauty of nature. As the flower, it is a rare and extraordinary piece of art

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Love Oath

To celebrate the quarter-century that this wonderful woman has shared your life,
give her the DELANCE “Just 25”
and renew your oath of infinite love.

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Woman flower

Like the orchid, the watch tells the eternal story of women. With its forms and lines, it evokes femininity and its universal values. In this way, it is the ideal gift for the ideal lady.

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Sweet and loving

The smooth side of the gold case expresses her femininity and her gentleness, while the textured side reflects her determination. Six diamonds surrounding a ruby symbolize the dove and her dream of universal peace.

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Wonderful flower

This unique Delance “White Lotus” timepiece represents renewal and hope by the symbolic joining of water, the lotus flower and the wheel suggested by the nine diamonds set in the form of a lotus.

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Reward of a feat

Her DELANCE watch will accompany, encourage and support her each time she looks at it. It becomes her own private, silent mentor, a TalisWOman, helping her to accomplish her destiny.

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– Time for Women –