Discover our female ambassadors

To us, every woman who wears a Delance, is a female ambassador.

So, if you wear a Delance, and want to share your feelings about your watch, please send us a picture of you with your Delance, and a short text that you would like to share.
It is with pleasure that we will make a link to your favorite website.


You wear your Delance with pride and conviction and you love to share the message it carries. You are our beloved ambassador and truly embody our message about “Women’s Excellence”.

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  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Iran
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Swiss
  • Manon Moutinho magistrale remporte la finale de la coupe du monde de voltige
    Manon Moutinho magistrale remporte la finale de la coupe du monde de voltige
  • Christiane Monod Swiss woman designer jeweler
    Christiane Monod Swiss woman designer jeweler
  • Isabelle Meyer
    Isabelle Meyer
  • Katharina Bühler
    Katharina Bühler
  • Charlotte Masini
    Charlotte Masini
  • Judit Polgàr
    Judit Polgàr
  • Clémence Tilquin
    Clémence Tilquin
  • Clementine Beaugrand
    Clementine Beaugrand
  • Christine Chatelain
    Christine Chatelain
  • Catherine Bourlet
    Catherine Bourlet
  • Pascale Louis
    Pascale Louis
  • Ursula Meier
    Ursula Meier
  • Sólveig Anspach
    Sólveig Anspach
  • Ruth Jermann
    Ruth Jermann
  • Chloé Szekely
    Chloé Szekely
  • Emilie Aubry
    Emilie Aubry
  • Jane Zhu 朱一卉
    Jane Zhu 朱一卉
  • Roswitha Menke
    Roswitha Menke
  • Carol Gygax
    Carol Gygax
  • Isabella Denz
    Isabella Denz
  • Céline Marleix-Bardeau
    Céline Marleix-Bardeau
  • Cathy Savioz
    Cathy Savioz
  • Ursula Freiburghaus
    Ursula Freiburghaus
  • An Ming
    An Ming
  • Danièle de Montmollin
    Danièle de Montmollin
  • Maria Bernasconi
    Maria Bernasconi
  • Sandrine Gostanian
    Sandrine Gostanian
  • Stacey King
    Stacey King
  • Susanne Hueber
    Susanne Hueber
  • Monika Seps
    Monika Seps
  • Ruth Waldburger
    Ruth Waldburger
  • Christa Guggisberg
    Christa Guggisberg
  • Jeanne Labrune
    Jeanne Labrune
  • Martine de Montmollin
    Martine de Montmollin
  • Sylvie Bédard
    Sylvie Bédard
  • Jeannette Aeby
    Jeannette Aeby
  • Nidhi Saini
    Nidhi Saini
  • Henrike von Platen
    Henrike von Platen
  • Irina Mouranova
    Irina Mouranova
  • Florence Coulin
    Florence Coulin
  • Fleur-Lise Monastesse
    Fleur-Lise Monastesse
  • Geneviève Guérard
    Geneviève Guérard
  • Véronique Reymond
    Véronique Reymond
  • Doina Bunaciu
    Doina Bunaciu
  • Shirin Ebadi
    Shirin Ebadi
  • Zabou Breitman
    Zabou Breitman
  • Coline Serreau
    Coline Serreau
  • Medeea Marinescu
    Medeea Marinescu
  • Nathalie Pfeiffer
    Nathalie Pfeiffer
  • Florence Le Vot
    Florence Le Vot
  • Florencia Gago
    Florencia Gago
  • Martha and Alexandra
    Martha and Alexandra
  • Alison Fairchild
    Alison Fairchild
  • Nefissa Bedoui
    Nefissa Bedoui
  • Eve-Marie Koehler
    Eve-Marie Koehler
  • Tara Eichenberger
    Tara Eichenberger
  • Françoise Lavoisier
    Françoise Lavoisier
  • Gaby Stampfli
    Gaby Stampfli
  • Muriel Sommer Vorpe
    Muriel Sommer Vorpe
  • Sophie Brisson
    Sophie Brisson
  • Françoise Langenegger
    Françoise Langenegger
  • Delphine Lanza
    Delphine Lanza
  • Claudia Nuara
    Claudia Nuara
  • Anna Novion
    Anna Novion
  • Deliaan Grimm
    Deliaan Grimm

– Time for Women –