The secret of flower power

– Floralia –

Ever since the beginning of time,
Mother Earth has offered us
the beauty of her flowers.


Romantic and sweet

The first name, Anaé, means « flower » in Japanese, while in Hebrew it means « grace ». Anaé is a highly intelligent woman, patient, though rather solitary./p>

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In bloom

Florencia comes from the Latin word florens, « in flower, blooming ». Each year the Romans celebrated the blooms of Flora, the spring mother-goddess. First name derivatives of this flowering essence spread everywhere throughout Europe beginning in the Renaissance.

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Young plant

In Greek, Chloé signifies “young plant”, “young shoot”. It is the name of the Greek goddess of the earth, Demetrius. Chloé was a first name beloved in the Greek world during antiquity.

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Derived from English « day’s eye », the first name « Daisy » refers to the marguerite. Its Greek origin is the word « margaritês », which means pearl.

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Breath of a flower

Highly sensitive and sentimental, she is sometimes overcome by her emotions. She loves evolving in a harmonious environment

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Bo is lively, alert, playful and particularly good at communicating. Charming and elegant, this type of woman aims to please as much as to give pleasure.

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From the Latin flos, floris.

From the Latin flos, floris, “the flower”, Flora is the name of the Roman goddess of all growing things. She was the wife of Zepher, the god of the West wind.

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