The Swiss quality luxury watch
100% ladylike

Giselle Rufer the creator of Delance Swiss Watches tell us about emotion

The DELANCE watch is the elegant blend of Swiss quality and contemporary style.

The Symbolic

Life – Harmony – Spirituality

The sacred feminine is the creative power of each woman, the infinity loop which creates the eternal rebirth of life. It links the masculine and the feminine, water and fire, moon and sun, sky and earth, for all eternity.

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The Mirror of my Soul

Delance’s specialty is to offer women emotionally and esthetically personalized watches. Each watch tells her story, her dreams and her taste.

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DELANCE watches are shaped by the care and quality Switzerland is known for and brought to life by the best Swiss movements.
(quartz ETA or mechanical Piguet 8.10)

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The configurator

Immediate creation

You will soon be able to create your own Delance online through an app. It will allow to visualize your piece right away, with your choice of wristband, cabochon, setting and engraving.

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– Time for Women –