The power of the sacred feminine

– Laxmi –

The Goddess-Mother, Laxmi,
is the incarnation of material prosperity,
good health, royal power and glory.


The sacred feminine

To pay a tribute to India,
DELANCE has created a watch
that symbolizes the eight divine aspects
of the goddess Ashta Lakshmi.

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Feminine energy

Delance “Dhana Laxmi” watch represents radiance and illumination. Through the qualities of the goddess of prosperity, purity, generosity, beauty and charm.

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The soul of the hearth

Traditionally, the daughter-in-law of each home is considered as the Griha-Lakshmi. She changes the house to a home. She is the one who takes the family forward as her children are the next generation on the family tree.

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From the ocean

Born in the ocean,
Indira is the Mother goddess,
the origin of the world,
her symbol is the Lotus
and she represents Fertility.

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Star of Laksmi

Eight rubies represent the eight forms of the Goddess Laxmi’s life.
Chosen with devotion, the watch is an expression of deep respect for a woman’s higher qualities.

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Flower of water

Padmâ means “Lotus”, an aquatic flower which is revered to in Indian traditions as the symbol of femininity and fertility.
The lotus is also associated with purity and spirituality.

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– Time for Women –