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A watch that makes sense – a meaningful watch

MY MOTHER’S WATCH A simple love story I recall a wonderful day in May in 2000. One of those soft and bright Sundays that make you feel happy to be alive. That day, we are celebrating Mother’s Day, and we’re all together around the big table. The noise and chatter of our conversations fill the [...]

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The watch of the month: MARCH – Sweet Sixteen

"The air is like a butterfly With frail blue wings. The happy earth looks at the sky And sings." - Joyce Kilmer, Spring Like a flower blossoming, you have watched her grow everyday. In the blink of an eye she has developed from a Daddy's little girl into a strong and independent young woman. [...]

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The stone of the month : FEBRUARY – Amethyst

Amethyst is like a spa-day in a stone, it is the exact kind of relaxing energy that we could all use after a long day. Allow amethyst’s energy of contentment to sooth away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night. In working with the third eye and crown chakras, Amethyst indulges your intuitions. [...]

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Butterfly in a Storm – Lady to Watch

Butterfly in a Storm - The True Story of Giselle Rufer By Diana S. ZimmermanThe world of high-end watchmaking is, by its nature, elite, perilous, and exclusionary. Acceptance, if at all, comes with a price—frequently a very high one. A price Giselle Rufer Delance has paid. She not only defied the entire industry, [...]

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The watch of the month: NOVEMBER – Autumn

November is the month when Thanksgiving is celebrated. Historically, in European rural areas, Thanksgiving was a ceremony to thank God for the blessings received during the entire year with prayers and festivities. Topaz is the stone for November. It comes in different colors: yellow, blue, pink, etc. Topaz helps us recognize our own talents. It [...]

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The watch of the month: SEPTEMBER – Edelweiss

A unique engraving characterizes this watch. Four flowers engraved on the case make us feel the spring and beauty of nature. The DELANCE Edelweiss is noble and precious according to the meaning of its name. As the flower, it is a rare and extraordinary piece of art. Through the radiant white mother-of-pearl and the elegant [...]

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DELANCE – Floralia – Perseverance – Hope – Creativity

With perseverance, hope and creativity, DELANCE celebrates its 25 years of existence. Twenty-five years have passed since the launch of DELANCE in 1996. Twenty-five years of creation, of joy and yes, of some deception, during which DELANCE has progressed step by step with perseverance. The year that has just ended was both long and difficult; [...]

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