Emerald is the stone of the heart because it symbolizes mercy, compassion, and universal love. It represents all the wonderful things in this world and how they’re all interconnected with love.
This stone will promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.
When everything is aligned and harmonious, you can enjoy a lighter and more illuminating existence.
Emerald will increase the energy levels in your body and enhance the energy flow between the lower and upper chakras.
Emerald is one of the most beautiful green-colored precious stones in the world.
The characteristic green color comes from the chromium impurities in the structure of the stone.

Planet – Mercury
Zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Chakras – Heart Chakra

♥ Love ♥ Romance ♥ Joy ♥ Cleansing ♥ Intuition ♥ Clairvoyance ♥ Faith ♥ Serenity ♥ Intelligence ♥ Clear vision ♥ Truth ♥ Memory & Communication ♥ Physical & Emotional healing ♥

Emerald is a 20th Anniversary gemstone and a 55th Anniversary gemstone.
A variety of Beryl, Emerald is a precious gemstone.
Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”. It brings loyalty and provides for domestic bliss. It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. Keeps partnerships in balance and can signal unfaithfulness if it changes color.
Emerald stimulates the heart chakra, having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart. It ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of one life. Focusing intention and raising consciousness, it brings in positive actions, eliminating negativity and enhancing the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.
Emerald enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, and stimulates the use of greater mental capacity. It helps bring awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition, imparting reason and wisdom.
Emerald assists in inciting activity and focus in ones actions. It strengthens memory and imparts clarity of thought. It inspires a deep inner knowing, promoting truth and discernment.
Emerald treats disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system. It aids in recovery after infectious illness, helps sinuses and soothes the eyes, improving vision. It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and alleviates diabetes and rheumatism.

source: http://www.charmsoflight.com